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New Version: 8 Songs for Solo Guitar Multimedia PDF

8 Songs for Solo Guitar Multimedia eBook PDF only $14.99

Here's a totally updated version of my 8 Songs for Solo Guitar multi media book. If you are ready for some new music for solo guitar this book is for you.

8 Compositions for Solo Guitar that range from easy to advanced. In addition to the notation and tablature files of each song this multi media pdf  also includes the to the Performance Video of each song.

It also contains lessons on Natural Harmonics, Slides, pull offs and hammer ons.

It also includes the Guitar Pro 5 and 6 Files.

  • Paso Del Norte
  • Recuerdos De Mexico
  • La Paz
  • Danza Mora
  • Persia
  • Coffee Joe
  • Sweet Samba
  • La Hacienda

This PDF Multimedia eBook is for use with Macs or PCs.  For the iPad version click the iBookstore link below:

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