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Section III: Beginning Music Collection

You have made it.

In this section you will learn some actual music that actually sounds pretty nice.

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1.  Free Stroke Exercise

2.  Reference Sheet

3.  Sharps and Flats (Accidentals)

4.  Rests in Rhythmic Notation

5.  Reading 2 Part Guitar Music

6.  Prelude in A Minor

7.  Dotted Rhythms

8.  Key Signatures

9.  Scarborough Fair (Traditional)

10.  Explanation of Sixteenth Notes and Triplets

11.  Exercises for Sixteenth Notes and Triplets

12.  Study in A Minor by Aguado Part 1

13.  Blues in E Page 1

14.  Traditional Tango Page 1

15.  Lagrima (Francisco Tarrega) Page 1


Guitar Improvisation Reading Music 8 Songs Solo Guitar Reading Music Vol.2