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Study in A Minor by Aguado Part 1

Aguado: Study in A Minor


Aguado was born in Madrid, April 8, 1784 and died there December 20, 1849. His early musical training began with Padre Basilio and later with Manuel Garcia, the noted Spanish tenor. Aguado is mainly known for his guitar tutor, Escuela de Guitarra and numerous studies and pieces written for solo guitar.




You can learn this study by Aguado a lot faster if you follow a few simple steps:
The right hand is playing the same pattern throughout the piece (thumb, index middle, index).
So if you would wanted to learn the changes in the left hand faster you can combine the notes and play them at the same time.
Since in this pattern there's always one repeated note. That's why there are only 3 notes in each chord.
Note: A chord is 3 or more notes played at the same time. You can see this in the music as the notes are stacked vertically.


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