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1. Basic Intervals and Triads

In this section you will learn about  and listen to intervals and basic triads.

 An Interval is the space between 2 notes.  In this 1st part you have all the Major and Perfect intervals.  The easiest way to remember them is by relating them to songs or sounds you already know.  For example the Major 2nd would be the first 2 notes of a major scale.  The Perfect 4th would be the first 2 notes of the Wedding March, or the song I've Been Working on the Railroad.

The 4 triads (chords) below the intervals are your basic 4 types.  They are built in the following way:

Major triad: Root-Major 3rd-Minor 3rd.

Minor Triad: Root-Minor third-Major 3rd.

Diminished Triad: Root-Minor 3rd-Minor 3rd

Augmented Triad: Toot-Major Triad-Major Triad.

Major 2nd
Major 3rd
Perfect 4th
Perfect 5th
Major 6th
Major 7th

Major Triad (Chord)
Minor Triad
Diminished Triad
Augmented Triad