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Section VI: Improvisation


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If you have wanted to learn about improvisation this section is for you.

From simple to advanced, just have fun!

1. First Position Easy Improvisation (Just one scale!)

2. Simple Spanish Improvisation. Includes video, written out solo and a backing track loop

3. D Minor Latin improvisation, includes video, written out solo and backing track!

4.  12 Bar Blues in G Improvisation

5.  House of the Rising Sun Improvisation

6.  The Rumba Flamenca Rhythm Explained: Rumba in A Minor

7.  Rumba Flamenca in A Minor (Version 1: Includes Written out Lead)

8.  Melodic Improvisation on a Rumba in A Minor

9.  Rumba in E Major improvisation Chords & Progression

10.  Improvising using the Phrygian Dominant (Flamenco) Scale

11.  A Major Latin Progression Improvisation

12.  E Minor Latin Improv Part 1: The Scales

13. Malagueña Improvisation

14. Tientos/Tangos Flamenco Improvisation


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