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Section II: Learning How To Read Music

Learning how to read music is not difficult, it just takes a lot of repetition. 

Don't be discouraged and spend about 15-20 minutes a day on this section.


1. Rhythmic Notation

2. Rhythm Exercises

3. Left Hand Positioning

4.  Notes on the E String

5.  Notes on the B String

6.  Notes on the E and B Strings

7.  Notes on the G String

8. Notes on the E,B and G Strings combined

9.  Notes on the D String

10.  Notes on The G and D Strings

11. Notes on the E,B,G and D-Strings combined

12.  Notes on the low A String

13.  Notes on the low E String

14.  Notes on the low A and E Strings

15. Notes on the D,A and E--Strings combined

16.  The Note Drill: Notes on all Strings combined

17.  Sharps and Flats (Accidentals)

18.  Rests in Rhythmic Notation

19.  Reading 2 Part Guitar Music

20.  How To Read Tablature


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Guitar Improvisation Reading Music 8 Songs Solo Guitar Reading Music Vol.2