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How to Choose a Guitar

The Basics of Guitar

Choosing a Nylon String Guitar

There are two basic types of acoustic guitars: the Classical and the Dreadnought Steel String. You could use an electric guitar, but I think if you do not own one yet purchasing either a Classical or Steel String would be a better choice.
The good news is that guitars are cheaper than ever. Thanks China! :)

Buying Online
What to Look for When Buying a Guitar

You have to love how it feels and how it plays.
Looks are not that important, but hey if you practice more on it it becomes important.

If you buy online you can save time and money by reading  user reviews. This is a great plus. Either way, have your new Guitar set up professionally!  It is worth the extra $20.00

You really do not need to pay more than $100.00-$200.00 for a starter guitar.

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