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iBooks for iPhone, iPad and iMac

Includes Videos, Tabs, Backing Tracks and more

An actual quote from a customer:

What an experience.

After all these years of wasting truckloads of money.

I have finally found what I believe is the most complete method of self study.

The Improvisation in D Minor is one of the Improvisation lessons featured in my book: Guitar Improvisation.

This video lesson will teach you how to play the lead step by step.  It will also give you the scales and scale patterns to create your own lead.

FREE iBOOK: Reading Music for Guitar Vol. 1

Includes Video for each lesson. This book covers all 6 strings in first position. It also covers basic rhythms, seating position, time signatures & more. You do not need to read music to be a great guitar player. There are plenty of examples of guitar players that do not read music. That is absolutely correct but:

  • Reading Music will make you a more complete musician.

  • Reading Music will open the world of Music Theory to you.

  • Reading Music will let you play styles of music that are not easily available on tablature.

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