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All Improv lesson include the written out leads/chords and the backing tracks

First Simple Improvisation

Seven (7) Slide Lesson

Here's a very simple Improvisation with just one scale pattern (A natural minor). 

Simple Spanish Improvisation

Nine (9) Slide Lesson

This is a nice Spanish Improvisation, that is not very diffuclt but a lot of fun to play!

D Minor Latin Improvisation

Eight (8) Slide Lesson

In this improvisation as in most I use the rest stroke in the right hand. There are some really cool pull offs and hammer on effects.

Rumba Flamenca in A Minor

Eight (8) Slide Lesson

This is probably my most popular Improvisation.  The Rumba Flamenca is a very accessible Flamenco technique that sounds great and is a lot of fun to play!  Utilizing the Flamenco Scale for your lead makes it sound Gypsy!

Melodic Improv on a Rumba in A Minor

Four (4) Video Slides

Same style as the other Rumba improvisation but some different melodic ideas.

Phrygian Dominant (Flamenco) Scale

One (1) Slide Lesson

Here's an improv utilizing the Flamenco or Phrygian Dominant Scale.  I love this scale as it sounds very exotic. The rhythm track only uses 2 chords so you can improvise freely. Experiment....

Rumba in E Major

Three (3) Slide Lesson

This is a little different Rumba as it is in a major key. Included you will find the video with the scales used and the actual improvisation. There are also links to the solo, scales and.. 

12 Bar Blues in G

Four (4) Slide Lesson

This is a really neat Blues improv that is not too difficult to play. Once you have the scale down just go for it. Use slides, hammer ons, pull offs, etc.

House of the Rising Sun

Six (6) Slide Lesson

I first heard this song played by the Animals. I have always enjoyed the chord progression. It just lends itself to some really nice playing.

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