The Basics of Guitar

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Choosing a Nylon String Guitar

One (1) Video Lesson

There are two basic types of acoustic guitars: the Classical and the Dreadnought Steel String. You could use an electric guitar, but I think if you...

Main Parts on a Guitar

One (1) Video Lesson

The parts of the guitar have the same names whether acoustic or electric.

How to Tune Your Guitar

Two (2) Video Lesson

This is a skill all guitarist must learn. Yes, you can buy a great electronic tuner for about $20.00 and I use one when I'm on stage because it's fast and easy but what happens if it breaks or you just want to play?

Basic Terms & Symbols of Notation

No Video-Just Text

Learn to recognize the Staff, Treble Clef,

Measures & the Double Bar.

Reading Rhythmic Notation

Four (4) Video Lesson

Learn to read rhythmic notation such as the whole, half, quarter & eighth notes.

Time Signatures

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Learn what two numbers on top of each other means.

Beginning Rhythm Exercises

Five (5) Video Lesson

Here are some Beginning Rhythm Exercises.

Each exercise includes a video that will lead you through the study.

Left/Right Hand & Seating Position

No Video-Just Text

Each finger has a purpose and position when playing the guitar.

Learn how to sit when playing.

The Rest Stroke

Two (2) Video Lesson

Learn how to use the rest stroke correctly.

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