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1st Simple Improvisation

Finally Start Improvising! Step by Step Video Instruction!

What is included in this Lesson?

An actual quote from a customer:

"I have finally found what I believe is the most complete method of self study."



All Lessons include Guitar-Pro files
I've been using Guitar-Pro for the past 10 years in teaching. It is a great tool for the student.
Watch my Guitar-Pro Video

17 Videos

  • 8 Videos of the Scales for the First Improvisation

  • 2 Getting Started Videos (Explanations and Examples on Video)

  • 1 Main Lead Video

  • 6 Melodic Variations and Lead Idea Videos

Backing Tracks

  •  Updated Backing Track

  •   Backing Loop (5 minutes)


  • Guitar Pro 7 and 6 (GPX) Files for all Leads (Including Getting Started Examples)

  • PDF Files for all Leads, Scales etc.

The Original Simple Improvisation

Variation 6 (Level 2-Intermediate)

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